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December 18th, 2018 4:37 AM
Did you know? Asphalt shingles naturally lose some granules over time which is not an automatic sign that it's time to replace your roof. However, before trouble starts, have a roof inspection done to determine the remaining age of your roof. If you need repairs, get it done now before the next storm season starts. Replace missing shingles and worn seals around vents and skylights. And if it's time to replace your roof now, contact your insurance carrier before you hire your roofer to discuss insurance premium discounts which are often given for certain materials and features. IMPORTANT: Always get multiple roof cost quotes, and only hire a reputable company with verified credentials.

And if you are wondering what the current market value of your home is, contact me today to discuss an appraisal of your home. Take advantage of my December Discount! Fifty dollars off the cost of your appraisal if you schedule it now for January, 2019.

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Falling trees and limbs causes millions of dollars in damage each year according to the insurance industry.  Trees can cause underground damage when uprooted as well.  If you own a home with trees on your property, look for these signs of potential problems:

Cracks in trunks or large limbs

Hollow or decayed trees

Trees that are leaning

Branches hanging over your roof line or screen enclosure

Limbs in contact with power lines

Good landscaping can prevent many problems.  Pruning can be a big job so hire a professional if the job is too big (or dangerous) for you to handle alone.  And make sure to take preventative measures now before the next hurricane season becomes active!

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